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Everything below is included:
  • Unlimited users
    Value: $500/yr
  • Sales resources
    Value: $500
  • Co-branding
    Value: $500/yr
  • LivePlan advisory guides
    Value: $500
  • Specialized support
    Value: $250/yr
  • Flexibility to add as you go
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Build multiple forecasts and strategic plans, track financials and benchmarks, and create easy-to-understand reports.

Stategic Advisor Method

Strategic advising resources

Access a scalable process and client-side resources to help deliver and sell your advisory services.

Some of our fans

Enae Jackson-Atkins

LivePlan had everything I needed to build out and scale. LivePlan helped me develop those partnerships to scale. I could use LivePlan to process numbers, and I could focus my time and energy on the relationships, the discussion, and the strategy. The more I work with the people at LivePlan, the more I work with my clients using LivePlan, the more I use LivePlan, the more I see LivePlan has been the best business decision I've made.

Billy Lacey

One of the biggest things that struck me about LivePlan was the LivePlan Method that you could roll out. With the marketing and service packages available in the training program, you can build to scale very quickly.

Jason Meredith

The biggest thing LivePlan gives you is the conformity of your platform. Because these types of services can be pretty widespread, you don't want to be open-ended for every customer. LivePlan gives us consistency—it covers all the bases we need to offer these advisory services.

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