Here's what our LivePlan Expert Advisors
are saying about LivePlan.

“I am passionate about maximizing profitable organization growth and the collaborative LivePlan features provide timely, easily accessible information to my clients to measure their financial progress. LivePlan’s secure individual log in access allows my client to either view reports at their convenience or edit plan assumptions. We are able to collaborate from our separate locations with instant report updates for assumption changes in LivePlan.

Income statement forecasting with cash flow, budgeting and strategic planning for multiple years are easy to set up and revise. A favorite feature is the flexible reporting scorecards with pie charts and graphs quickly reflecting progress on financial goals, particularly with the ongoing sync with the actual operating results in QuickBooks.

LivePlan is a fantastic reporting tool for quick management decisions because of it’s ability to add or change business assumptions and instantly create revised income statements, balance sheets and cash flow projections. Working with start-up organizations, cash flow forecasting is critical. LivePlan’s cash flow feature makes it easy to determine the months when the cash infusions may be required and determine forecasted organization break even points.

Most organizations look at several possible “What if” plan versions such as adding new product lines or employee additions. I use the LivePlan ability to copy a plan version and save to a new plan name to track multiple “what if” situations for my clients. In closing, I can’t share enough praise for the quick LivePlan support team’s response time and glad to help attitude.”

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“I have been a Certified Public Accountant with a background in tax for many years and I am a Partner in Johnson Haws CPA, LLC. I concentrate my practice on helping clients reach the full potential of their business and also complying with all of the regulations that the Government puts on them. I rely on LivePlan to help our clients develop business plans to reach the goals that they have set up for their companies.

LivePlan saves a lot of time with the link to QuickBooks to load the company data and is a great starting point for the business plan. The heart of any good business plan is the revenue forecast and LivePlan lets us put that in by the month and will project out for five years. The tables and graphs look great and brings the plan to life.

When our clients go to the bank for financing with a well thought out business plan that includes a pitch, a plan followed by a forecast that looks very professional they have had pretty good success. But that’s not the only thing the business plan is used for. I encourage our clients to use the plan as a map to their goals. You would never start on a journey without a map and your business works the same way.

With LivePlan we can update the plan on a monthly basis and continue to tune the plan for success. You never know what the future will bring and you make adjustments as new opportunities come up. I am in the process of rebranding my business and have just started CFO Evolutions, LLC. Pursue Opportunities – Evolve!”

Ron Haws, CPAJohnson Haws CPA

“At bookskeep, we use LivePlan to help our clients see the big picture of their finances. The instant graphs help our clients understand the feasibility of their plans against past trends. We use the forecasting tool to develop revenue and expense forecasts as part of team planning sessions.

The ability to link LivePlan with Quickbooks Online creates up-to-date information that can be easily adjusted as the business climate changes. Forecasts are simple to evaluate and monitor against actual monthly performance. We collaborate with our clients to drill down to the details that help us understand how each transaction contributes to the direction. This level of communication with management, ensures that the organization is moving together toward the overall goals.”

Cyndi Thomason

“We use LivePlan to help drive a more accurate tax plan for businesses. We also use it to help them manage their cash, achieve their goals, and look forward not backward. We have quarterly meetings with our clients to review and update their LivePlan forecast and cash position”

“As CPAs, most clients think we’ll only talk to them about their taxes and tax planning. LivePlan has opened up a whole new dimension to our client relationships. Rather than just being tax experts or talking about past quarters, we can engage clients about their business. We can ask them questions, help them set goals, and get them excited about the future of their business. Ultimately, we can work with them to develop a more accurate forecast, which has the added benefit of giving us what we need for a more accurate tax plan. This helps us become a trusted advisor for the client, not just the tax company. When we have this kind of multi-dimensional relationship with clients, they’re far less likely to seek out another firm that’s probably not offering services on this level.”

Luke Gheen

“LivePlan gives access to critical financial data including KPIs and cash flow position. Our clients now have the ability to strategically position themselves and grow with an effective business plan”.

Keith Bogard

“I use LivePlan to analyze financial data and explain what the numbers are actually saying. I use that information with clients to forecast for the future & increase business success and CEO happiness.”

Leah Roe

“My clients are benefiting most from LivePlan by receiving concise, timely summaries of their financial information and how it compares to their milestones (as opposed to the umpteen detailed spreadsheets and multi-page bulleted Word documents I have been giving them each month). I am so excited to be a part of this program!”

Billie Anne Grigg