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Chris Yaren
  • Chris Yaren, CPA, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • Accountifi
  • Canada

“We use LivePlan to help organizations run on full power. We believe in having meaningful conversations with business owners about what they want from their company & help create a plan to get there.”

Jan Haugo
  • Jan Haugo, Accountant
  • Arizona, United States

“JH & Accounting collaborate approach provides a small business with goals, budgets, bench-marking and analysis for a complete visual into a company's heart for optimal growth.”

Michelle Peruski
  • Michelle Peruski, Bookkeeper
  • Christopher Wm. Mahler CPA PC
  • Tennessee, United States

“I believe knowledge is power. Having financials for your business is not enough. You need to know how to use them to maximum benefit. We use LivePlan to illustrate the story behind your numbers.”

Catherine Wolfe
  • Catherine Wolfe, Bookkeeper
  • Small Business Bookkeeping Solutions Inc
  • Florida, United States

“LivePlan helps the small business owner create a roadmap for where they want their business to go.”

Fred Crooks
  • Fred Crooks, CPA, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • CPA Corporation
  • California, United States

“We use the LivePlan app to help business owners develop their business plan (in alignment with their individual goals) and then assist them with devising a strategy to implement the plan.”

Daniel Talkins
  • Daniel Talkins, CPA, MBA
  • Future Balance CPAs
  • Canada

“We use LivePlan to create a formal business plan, track growth & advise on progress in real-time, so clients can optimize business performance.”

Marcia Lorraine
  • Marcia Lorraine, Bookkeeper
  • Lorraine's Ledgers
  • New York, United States

“LivePlan provides an up-to-date visual financial report, accessible from anywhere to monitor your business finances.”

Johann Stuntebeck
  • Johann Stuntebeck, MBA
  • Small Business Development Center - Cape Girardeau
  • Missouri, United States

“We support entrepreneurs in setting up their business plan with a high level expertise team.”

Cyndi Thomason
  • Cyndi Thomason, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • bookskeep
  • Arkansas, United States

“We use LivePlan to help small business owners understand past financial trends and map out future directions in order to focus their energy and optimize their resources.”

Tina Pittman
  • Tina Pittman, CPA, MBA
  • Your Accountant, LLC
  • Pennsylvania, United States

“We go above and beyond delivering expert business advise by utilizing LivePlan toolkit to monitor your small business's key performance indicators.”

Michael Callahan
  • Michael Callahan, CPA
  • Michael Callahan and Associates, LLC
  • Virginia, United States

“Helping Reveal Your Competitive Advantage”

Sandy Morgan
  • Sandy Morgan, Bookkeeper, Consultant
  • Almost Anything LLC
  • Minnesota, United States

“Smart business decisions start with accurate and up-to-date financial information - LivePlan makes using that data easy, strategic and efficient.”

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