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Brian Tapp
  • Brian Tapp, Consultant, Other
  • Iowa State University - SBDC
  • Iowa, United States

“LivePlan is a tool I use to assist clients, develop and evaluate their business and put it into motion.”

Karin Amann
  • Karin Amann, MBA
  • Karin Amann Business Services
  • California, United States

“I use LivePlan with clients in all stages of business. I love to help small business take the headache out of strategy, analysis, and financial forecasting.”

David Harmon
  • David Harmon, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Consultant, MBA, Other
  • SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting
  • California, United States

“We will accompany small businesses step-by-step as we assist them on planning and tracking their growth using LivePlan.”

Joanne Ort
  • Joanne Ort, CPA, Accountant, Bookkeeper, MBA
  • Joanne Ort CPA Accounting & Financial Services
  • Washington, United States

“I use LivePlan to provide clients with visually compelling financial reports, in real time, so they are better equipped to run their businesses.”

Brett Neal
  • Brett Neal, CPA
  • Brett L. Neal, CPA
  • California, United States

“We use LivePlan as a tool to communicate with our clients, so that we can share in their dreams to help guide them with real time financial forecasts and projections.”

Chelsea Stanton
  • Chelsea Stanton, Accountant
  • Fine Point Consulting, LLC
  • Wisconsin, United States

“We are using Live Plan to analyze monthly data which helps our clients understand trends; to help them forecast and budget with real time decisions.”

Amber Aureden
  • Amber Aureden
  • SPARK Business Planning & Strategy
  • Pennsylvania, United States

“Business coaching services that enable, empower, and equip leaders and entrepreneurs to make a living doing what they love with passion, purpose, and positive impact.”

Billie Anne Grigg
  • Billie Anne Grigg, Bookkeeper
  • Pocket Protector Bookkeeping
  • Oklahoma, United States

“LivePlan gives my clients concise, timely summaries of their financial information and how it compares to their milestones allowing them to quickly make decisions that grow their business.”

John Koloch
  • John Koloch, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • GeneralCents Accounting, LLC
  • Arizona, United States

“Our primary goal is to educate and inspire our clients to succeed in their business so that they can have the freedom and flexibility to do what they love!”

Julie Babcock-Hyde
  • Julie Babcock-Hyde, CPA, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Other
  • Spark Accounting Solutions PLLC
  • Idaho, United States

“We use LivePlan to help our clients set and meet their profitability and cash flow goals.”

Luke Gheen
  • Luke Gheen, CPA, MBA
  • Gheen & Co., CPA, LLC
  • Colorado, United States

“We use LivePlan to help drive a more accurate tax plan for businesses. We also use it to help them manage their cash, achieve their goals, and look forward not backward.”

Craig Clayton
  • Craig Clayton, Accountant, Bookkeeper, MBA
  • Rochart Consulting
  • Rhode Island, United States

“Applying 20 years experience as a CFO for startups and small business”

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