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Jakob Pallesen
  • Jakob Pallesen, MBA
  • Small Business Development Center - Cape Girardeau
  • Missouri, United States

“We support and advise entrepreneurs in developing their strategic business plan”

Philippe Maeckelberghe
  • Philippe Maeckelberghe, MBA
  • SofiDelphi
  • United Kingdom

“Liveplan transforms your energy into developing strategy instead of distracting you with complicated spreadsheets. We will help you to take off with this tool, based on our indepth finance experience.”

Mark Stricker
  • Mark Stricker, CPA
  • Wipfli CPA's and Consultants
  • Illinois, United States

“My combination of 20 years of working with small business along with asking the right questions leads to a collaborative approach to build a good business plan.”

Karin Amann
  • Karin Amann, MBA
  • Karin Amann Business Services
  • California, United States

“I use LivePlan with clients in all stages of business. I love to help small business take the headache out of strategy, analysis, and financial forecasting.”

Manch Kersee
  • Manch Kersee, Accountant, Bookkeeper, MBA, Other
  • J.R. Dexter Inc
  • Florida, United States

“Providing Business Decision Solutions for Business Growth”

Sandy Morgan
  • Sandy Morgan, Bookkeeper, Consultant
  • Almost Anything LLC
  • Minnesota, United States

“Smart business decisions start with accurate and up-to-date financial information - LivePlan makes using that data easy, strategic and efficient.”

Mario Raia
  • Mario Raia, Accountant, Bookkeeper, MBA
  • Combined IQ Inc
  • Washington, United States

“I use LivePlan to actively track progress and create accountability for results. With me, you will have regular, realtime feedback, which helps you make great decisions and achieve your goals.”

Josh Brown
  • Josh Brown, Consultant
  • Tennessee Small Business Development Center
  • Tennessee, United States

“LivePlan allows existing businesses find operational & financial clarity and start-up business have a working Business Plan tool to work through how they will get their business off the ground.”

Craig Clayton
  • Craig Clayton, Accountant, Bookkeeper, MBA
  • Rochart Consulting
  • Rhode Island, United States

“Applying 20 years experience as a CFO for startups and small business”

Joanne Ort
  • Joanne Ort, CPA, Accountant, Bookkeeper, MBA
  • Joanne Ort CPA Accounting & Financial Services
  • Washington, United States

“I use LivePlan to provide clients with visually compelling financial reports, in real time, so they are better equipped to run their businesses.”

Chris Yaren
  • Chris Yaren, CPA, Accountant, Bookkeeper
  • Accountifi
  • Canada

“We use LivePlan to help organizations run on full power. We believe in having meaningful conversations with business owners about what they want from their company & help create a plan to get there.”

Cami Powell
  • Cami Powell, Accountant, Bookkeeper, MBA
  • Powell Business Solutions, LLC
  • Washington, United States

“Our company uses LivePlan as a planning tool to assist clients financially and strategically. Powell Business Solutions strengthens small businesses for financial prosperity.”

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