Product Update: Free Resources and Word Exporting

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Last Sunday night, we released a notable product update. Much of our focus this round was on performance improvements and bug fixes. Beyond the product quality work, though, we also introduced several notable new features:

Free resources
The new Resources tab in your plan view provides access to an exclusive mini-site of free resources on startups, planning, and small business. Some of these are publicly available resources that you may just not know about. Others are special content from organizations that have partnerships with our company and have agreed to give you access at no charge. We have just scratched the surface on what’s possible here. Give it a look, and if you think of other areas where you would like help finding good resources, let us know.

High-quality Word export
The Print page now offers an option to export a high-fidelity version of your plan document to Microsoft Word. That gives you more flexibility in customizing the presentation of your final document. The export uses the current .docx file format, which is supported natively by Word 2003 and above. If you have an older version of Word, you can open .docx files by installing a converter add-on.

Those are the notable new features in this release. If you have other ideas or requests that you’d like to share, drop an email to, or use the Give Feedback button next to the LivePlan logo in the app. Thanks!



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Bailey Koharchick
Bailey Koharchick
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