How to Use LivePlan to Run a Monthly Plan Review Meeting

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The secret to successful business management — learn how to use LivePlan to run a monthly plan review meeting

Business planning isn’t just a one-time or annual event. 

Instead, it’s an ongoing process of constantly reviewing your financial performance, tying it to your business operations, and making any necessary adjustments. Doing all of this, while ensuring that you’re staying on track toward your larger business goals, is the heart of good business management.

This webinar will walk you through how to do a monthly plan review using LivePlan. 

  • Compare your Forecast to your actual results in the LivePlan Dashboard (using data from QuickBooks, Xero, or your manual entries)
  • Compare your results from the past month to the same month the previous year
  • Review your cash position and cash flow
  • Interpret your financial figures so you can evaluate your current major initiatives and determine if your priorities or tactics need to be shifted
  • Review your long-term goals and strategy to see if any adjustments should be made to your business model, and update your Forecast accordingly
  • Generate reports to share with your management team, investors, and/or other stakeholders

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have all of the information you need to run a strategic and effective monthly plan review meeting for you and your team.

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