Multilingual Support

LivePlan works in your language

Write and share your plan in multiple languages

Wherever you plan to do business, LivePlan has you covered. The complete LivePlan outline is highly customizable and suitable for any business, in any location. You can even add custom sections for handling local requirements that are unique to where and how you want to operate.

Don't worry about converting currencies either - simply type in the amounts as they exist in your local currency.

Crafting an international business plan just got easier

With LivePlan, you can write your plan in the language of your choosing and share it with international business partners.

Then, simply select a Language Output option and we'll update all of the headers and labels in your plan. It's as simple as that!

Team up with colleagues across town or across the globe

Because your business plan is online, you and your partners can work on your plan from anywhere. Learn more about collaboration features.