Product Update: Cover Page and Dashboard Features

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Our latest monthly update went live this evening. Here are the notable changes that you will see in the updated app:

Cover page and table of contents
Want to make a great first impression on your readers? Dress up your document with a nice-looking cover page and a table of contents. Just click the Cover Page link under the Plan tab to see the new options.

Dashboard improvements
Are you using the new Dashboard feature yet? It’s designed to support your ongoing management by helping you to track your actual results and compare them to your plan, so that you can identify problems early and adjust your plan as necessary to meet your goals.

New Dashboard features in this release include the addition of several new metrics. In addition to sales and expenses, you can now track your net profit and cash balance. Also, if you click on any metric on the Dashboard, you can now see three views: the original monthly comparison, a cumulative year-to-date line chart to see how the year is going overall, and an option to zoom in on a specific month’s results.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature area. Are you using it? Is it valuable for you? What more should it do? Click Give Feedback in the app to let us know.

Option to set an expense to percentage of sales
By popular demand, we have added an option to the Budget table builder so that you can set an expense to a percentage of overall sales, rather than entering specific values. This supports the situation where you want to, say, set aside 20% of your revenue for marketing expenses.

Beyond these features, you will find the usual variety of bug fixes and minor improvements. Something we missed this round that’s important to you? Let us know at Thanks!

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Bailey Koharchick
Bailey Koharchick
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