So, You Want to Write For the LivePlan Blog? Great!

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LivePlan—the world’s leading business plan software—is designed with entrepreneurs in mind, designed to help them start, run and grow their businesses.

To supplement our product, we publish tips, hacks, ideas, and “been-there-done-that” stories to help entrepreneurs run better, smarter, and more efficient businesses.

Our readers want to grow; they want to know when to hire more employees, how to make better, more informed decisions, and how to be more productive. And they don’t want to do it via the medium of boring old articles they can find just anywhere.

Can you help them figure out how to do these things with solid, interesting guidance? If you think you have stories, insights, or tricks-of-the-trade to add to the LivePlan blog, read on!

We’re looking for:

Experience in business, especially as a founder or owner. What gives you the authority to write on this topic? Do you have a unique, road-tested management style? Share your knowledge!

Success stories and failure stories. Are you a successful small business? Do you know a small business owner you can interview? Share these stories with our readers. They don’t all have to be success stories. After all, some of the most valuable lessons come via failure.

Growth tips. If you know the ins and outs of business financials and the right metrics to track, break it down for our readers. They’re already running a business but they’d love to know how to really understand their numbers.

Leaders. Are your employees loyal and awesome? Have you led them to achieve great things? How did you cultivate a great work culture? Share your story with our readers so they can emulate your success.

Our style:

Our voice is familiar and accessible, yet still knowledgable. We like to break it down simply, but still remain authoritative (no excessive slang, idioms, or abbreviations).

Managing a business can feel daunting, so approachability is important. Our aim is to empower entrepreneurs to be and do their best, using the latest research and data-proven methods.

Pitch submission details:

  • Original articles only (AKA: they have NOT been published elsewhere).
  • Actionable content, please. Our readers are makers and doers. Bullet lists, takeaways, a list of to do’s, screenshots, and so on.
  • First person is preferred. Forget what you learned in English classes—we want to hear your personal experience!
  • Posts should be a minimum of 1,000 words.
  • Limit acronyms and jargon; if necessary, attempt to define terms at first use.
  • Keep language simple, straightforward, and free from frills.
  • We follow a modified, in-house style guide, which generally follows the rules of AP style. If unsure, refer to the AP style guide.
  • A solid grasp of grammar, punctuation, and a general, high level of writing skill is necessary for publication.

Please, please do not…

  • Don’t submit infographics unless they are featured in an equally compelling and well-written article; we aren’t an infographic directory.
  • Don’t pitch generic content on ‘how to market your business’, ‘how to start a business’, ‘how to start a business online’, etc.

How to submit your pitch

To submit a pitch to write for the LivePlan blog, please fill out the form below. You will also need to fill out your author details. We will contact you within one week of receiving your pitch and, at this time, reach out to you to offer any feedback, or to request the Google Doc.

Note: We only accept Google Docs so make sure that “anyone with the link can edit”.

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