#AskTimBerry: Business Plan Qs and As in 140 characters or less

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Need some quick business planning advice? Look no further than Twitter. Our own business planning expert, Tim Berry, is answering questions posed via Twitter using the hashtag #AskTimBerry (or #LivePlanBoost).

The twitter-fueled Q&A is in preparation for the free “LivePlan Demo and Tweet Chat” webinar on August 7th, 1000:am PDT. You can read more about the free webinar here and get registered.

Want to track the Qs & As online? You can view all the tweets with the #AskTimBerry hashtag here.

So let’s hear it! Do you have questions for Tim?

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Bailey Koharchick
Bailey Koharchick
I believe three key components power the world: Creativity, dedication, and adaptation. I like to write, climb rocks, and think. In that order.
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