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Chinwe Onyeagoro

Chinwe Onyeagoro

Chinwe Onyeagoro has a strong personal interest and a professional track record devoted to helping small businesses raise capital. She is the CEO and Founder of FundWell, an online marketplace that matches small businesses to lenders across the country. With over 300 premier lenders in the network, FundWell has achieved a loan approval rate of 80%, which is two and half times the industry standard. FundWell recently co-authored and released a report with the Federal Reserve on the topic of small business financial health. Chinwe also presented a TED Talk on the small business loan market problem that FundWell is working to solve. Previously, Chinwe co-founded and operated a boutique consulting firm, called O-H Community Partners (OHcp), that successfully raised a total of $120 million in grants, competitive loans, tax incentives, government subsidies, and owner equity financing on behalf of clients across the country. Chinwe’s consulting experience includes advising Fortune 1000 companies at McKinsey & Company and The Monitor Company. She also formerly served as an investment manager for a $3 billion dollar real estate portfolio at the Pritzker Realty Group. Chinwe has a B.A. in Economics from Harvard College.

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