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On Thursday evening, we published a product update with several notable feature changes:

Edit or delete comments
We hope you’ve been using the commenting feature to collaborate with other users — or even just to make notes to yourself. Comments are even handier now that we have added the ability to edit or delete them. All users can update their own comments. Account owners can update those of other users if needed.

Longer idle timeout
By popular demand, the timeout for inactivity has been changed from 30 minutes to one hour. You can still log out immediately by clicking the Log Out link in the upper right. But if you are logged in and don’t use the app for a while, you will have more time before you get logged out.

Improved email receipt
Also by popular demand, we have expanded the email message that we send after each charge on your account. It now includes the service dates and details that you will need if you want to use the receipt for accounting or tax purposes.

Easier access to Tim’s video
We have added links to Tim Berry’s popular advice videos in the relevant section and instructions, so they are easier to find.

Detailed depreciation option
This feature addition is relevant only for plans using the “full financials” mode, which you can activate by going to the Level of Detail tab on the Plan Settings page. By default, plans set to full financials apply the Average Depreciation Period setting to figure the depreciation values of all major purchases. The options for that setting extend up to ten years. What if you have a major purchase like a trademark or a commercial building that has a useful life far beyond ten years? Now you can go to the Table Builders tab of the Plan Settings page and select the “Switch to detailed depreciation handling” option. Then when you add or edit major purchases, you will see an option to enter whatever number of years you would like to use as the depreciation period for that purchase.

As always, let us know what you think of the app and its new features. Just click the Give Feedback button next to the LivePlan logo. Thanks!

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Bailey Koharchick
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