#LivePlanChat Preview: Small Business Tax Deductions

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We’d like to invite you to join the LivePlan team for our #LivePlanChat on Twitter, every Tuesday from 12 – 1 p.m. EDT, where we discuss topics and questions that matter to small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can think of the #LivePlanChat as a free one-hour group chat with an industry expert who can give you advice on how to improve your small business!

Our Twitter chat is held directly on Twitter, hosted by @LivePlan. To participate in the discussion, add the #LivePlanChat hashtag to your tweets and respond with “A1” to respond to question 1, “A2” for question 2, etc. Additionally, the top chat contributor will win a $10 lunch gift-card on us.

This week’s #LivePlanChat featured guest is Zach Olson, the founder and CEO of TaxAlli.com, the leading provider of online tax and accounting services for small business owners. Our chat topic this week will be “Small Business Tax Deductions,” and we’ll discuss the following questions:

  1. What are the most common mistake made when deducting expenses?
  2. Am I going to get audited for deducting too many expenses?
  3. Do I need to save all of my receipts? What’s the best way to do that?
  4. When can a cell phone be deducted as an expense?
  5. I have a lot of business lunches and dinners, can I deduct all of them?
  6. What kind of travel expenses am I allowed to deduct?
  7. What size businesses are eligible for tax deductions?

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