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A month ago, I certainly wouldn’t have predicted that my company would have been faced with the decision to strongly encourage (or even require) everyone to work from home. With the coronavirus outbreak, we’re all wondering what’s going to happen next – how bad is it going to be and how will our lives and our businesses be impacted?

For me, instead of worrying about possible outcomes, I find that it’s best to focus on thinking through potential scenarios. I map out and even write down scenarios. For the business, it’s a great time to think through different financial scenarios and make plans for what you might change if you have to adjust course.

In the meantime, here are a few helpful articles on planning, working remotely, and more.

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What it takes to run a great virtual meeting

Over the next several weeks, you may have to learn how to work again. Moving from face-to-face meetings to virtual meetings is going to be a challenge, so learning how to run a good virtual meeting will be an essential skill.

How to get people to actually participate in virtual meetings

As a companion to the previous article, you’ll want people to participate in your well-run virtual meeting. Sorry for the repetition, but a lot of us are going to be spending way more time on video meetings than we would like.

How entrepreneurs can find the right problems to solve

While the news and uncertainty prevent some people from moving forward, it’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to look for problems to solve and start new ventures. After all, some of the world’s most successful businesses started in economic downturns.

What happens when you drink a gallon of water every day

If you’re going to have to change your work routines, you might as well try changing a few other things or start a new habit.

How giving up refined sugar changed my brain

Working at home may also mean more home cooking. It’s a great time to experiment with a more natural diet and see what happens.

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