Writing Business Plans With Mentors And Advisors

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collaboration in liveplanJust as you collaborate with others when running and growing a business, you can, and should, write your business plan with others.

The best business plans we’ve seen are the ones that are written with mentors, advisers, or collaborators. Facilitating mentorship through collaboration is an integral part of LivePlan. This mentorship helps you write a plan that you can feel confident about using to start, run or grow your business. Through LivePlan, you can either invite a co-author who has full editing access to your plan or invite an unlimited number of guests who have the ability to view and comment on sections of your business plan.

Having mentors help you write your business plan is strategically a smart move. Those mentors can also advise you as you implement your plan. The days of writing a static business plan are fast becoming obsolete – and that’s because the most successful companies not only write plans, but they also use them to track their growth.

Being agile is key to success in today’s market, and LivePlan makes it easy for you to map-out your path, monitor your results, and adjust with the changing needs of your market.

As part of our partnership with the California Business & Entrepreneurship Center (“the BEC”), Mike Duncan, our product evangelist, sat down with Mike Roessler, state director of the BEC to talk about how this aspect of LivePlan is so important to BEC clients.

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Bailey Koharchick
Bailey Koharchick
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