Announcing Liveplan’s Easy Access Update

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Our latest monthly product update went live on Wednesday, August 29. This release is light on new features because the team has been spending most of their time on a couple of larger projects that will go live within the next two months.

You will, however, find a few notable additions in the product:

  • Easier access to the Chapter Setup view from the chapter overview section.
  • We improved the “Where do you want to start?” overlay within the plan creation section.
  • Easier access to the full-financials option.

Stay tuned – we are going to be releasing some exciting new features that will help you better manage your financials, and allow you to track your company’s growth more strategically.

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Josh Cochrane
Josh Cochrane
Josh Cochrane is Vice President of Product Development at Palo Alto Software, where he manages development of the business planning tool LivePlan. He writes for this site and elsewhere on product design, small business and entrepreneurship, and related topics.
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