The Lean Way to Pitch Your Business on a Single Page: Palo Alto Software Announces New Pitch Feature in LivePlan

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Palo Alto Software, makers of the world’s #1 online business planning software, LivePlan, is excited to announce it’s newest Pitch feature. With the LivePlan Pitch, entrepreneurs and business owners can quickly build a one-page infographic that visually presents their business opportunity. The LivePlan Pitch can be easily shared online with lenders, investors, and business partners.

The LivePlan Pitch highlights the most important parts of a business plan, including an overview of the business, target markets, market problem, solution, competitive landscape, value proposition, financials, key milestones, and key team members. A company’s LivePlan Pitch can be shared using a unique web link or by inviting guests to view the Pitch within the company’s LivePlan account.

Rounding out LivePlan’s Lean Planning™ methodology 
The LivePlan Pitch feature is a core tenet of LivePlan’s Lean Planning methodology that combines elements of the Lean Startup movement and the best parts of the traditional business planning process. Lean Planning encourages early-stage startups to stay nimble and adaptive by building a business model that can be easily measured, tracked, and refined. The LivePlan Pitch helps startups refine their business model quickly and easily as they validate their core assumptions. It simultaneously generates a great looking pitch for partners and investors.

LivePlan customer CheckMeOnce, an online service that matches renters with property managers, was among the first group of entrepreneurs to take a sneak peak at the new LivePlan Pitch feature. Co-founder Geoff Miller shared that, “[the Pitch page] looks amazing. It’s great to see all the essential information clearly laid out on one page. It’s easy to read and has everything you’d want to see on a quick one-page business plan.”

Miller’s co-founder Eric Harvey added, “I like that the Pitch page focuses on the metrics that are relevant to a startup company, so you know what’s core in your business when you’re working through validating your business model. It helped me think about who will use our service, the problem we’re solving for them, and the steps it takes to get our product validated by our market.”

Palo Alto Software will be hosting a free webinar on December 19, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. (PST) for anyone who would like to see a demonstration of the new Pitch feature in LivePlan. Registration required:

About LivePlan 
LivePlan is an online business planning and management application that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to pitch their business, develop a comprehensive business plan, build forecasts and budgets, develop an implementation schedule, and track their results. LivePlan integrates directly with QuickBooks to automatically track key financial metrics. LivePlan is available for oly $19.95/month at

About Palo Alto Software, Inc. 
Palo Alto Software, Inc., makers of the #1 selling business planning software in the world, develops and publishes tools, products, and content to help small and midsized businesses plan and manage their venture. LivePlan, the company’s flagship product, is a SaaS (software as a service) solution for business planning and management. Palo Alto Software has been the market leader in its category for over fifteen years, has served well over 1 million entrepreneurs, and has customers in 171 countries. Founded in 1988 by business planning expert Tim Berry, the company is a privately-owned corporation based in Eugene, Oregon.


Caroline CummingsCaroline Cummings
Caroline Cummings
Caroline is a two-time technology entrepreneur. She's co-founded, and held the CEO position, for two internet companies. She's raised close to $1M in investment capital and has coached several other startups on their investor pitches. After her most recent exit, Caroline joined Palo Alto Software to lead their business development for the cloud-based business planning and management tool LivePlan.
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