This Week in Small Business: A Branding Challenge and Cash Flow 101

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Make sure your brand stands out—without a logo and effective branding, your business won’t be memorable.

This week on Bplans, we focused on branding your business. While branding can sometimes seem like the domain of big businesses only, small businesses need brands too. Check out our Big Brand Challenge—it’s not too late to participate!

1. The Big Brand Challenge

This week, in a partnership with PrestoBox, we hosted the Big Brand Challenge. This challenge was designed for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, or looking to revamp their branding.

From finding out who you are as a brand, to what your brand looks like, the creation of a logo, updating marketing materials, and finally brand liftoff, this challenge has everything you need to get your branding started.

If you missed it this week, it’s not too late! You can work through it at your own pace. You can follow along with the challenge here:

2. How to Pitch Your Business by Email

While it may seem informal, email is one of the most popular ways to send an opening pitch. How do you catch the attention of a potential investor, business partner, or the editor of a site that you’d like to be featured on? Here are some tips to make your pitch email sound professional and grab attention.

3. Cash Flow 101: The Basics

Starting a new series on demystifying cash flow, this article explains positive and negative cash flow, as well as why cash flow is important for your business.

4. Choosing Your Business Name

While potentially the most fun part of starting a business, choosing your business name can be difficult. How do you make sure your business name is actually “yours”? Tim Berry breaks down how to choose your business name, and how to protect it.

Did you participate in the Big Brand Challenge? What did you think? 

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Briana Morgaine
Briana Morgaine
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