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When crafting your business plan, there are lots of options out there. As you may have seen though, they’re definitely not created equally. Some plan writing services are little more than pre-written templates. Other times, you might run into a lack of industry expertise or a plan that’s full of data inaccuracies or grammatical errors.

That’s why we’ve developed our own LivePlan business plan writing service to connect you with experienced writers who take the time to truly understand your business.  

1. A business plan is essential. It’s also hard to write one. We get that!

It’s one thing to start and run a business. It’s another thing completely to write a business plan for one. Especially one that will help you land funding or truly grow a healthy business.

You know a plan is important. You know you need to do it. But you also know that whenever you sit down to work on it, you feel like your vision—all of your plans, ideas, and big dreams suddenly fell into a dark cave. You can’t find them anymore. It’s as if they never existed in the first place.

“Entrepreneurs might not feel confident about their ability to speak the language that financiers speak,” says Stormy Wiseman, Project Manager for LivePlan Services. “Business planning can be a daunting task. This is a common struggle for people who turn to us.”

How do you make the time to put your vision into words? To figure out the right thing to say? You’re starting a business after all, there’s so much to do!

Instead of you struggling, we translate your vision into a business plan that appeals to investors, partners, and decision-makers. That starts with our onboarding process, where one of our writers talks with you to understand your concept and firmly define your short- and long-term goals.

2. Our experienced team gets your plan done

Writing a great business plan doesn’t just take seasoned writing skills. A skilled plan writer must also understand business practices and the entrepreneurial process. Unfortunately, many plan writing services simply lack that expertise.

For the last 30 years, we have been dedicated to one purpose: Helping entrepreneurs like you start and evolve their businesses. (In fact, our founder used to write business plans for Apple back in the 1980s.) 

We’ve seen time and again how having a business plan that balances the big-picture of your business with solid and practical use makes all the difference. With extensive training and experience, our team of business plan writers specialize in creating business plans that you can put to work now and throughout your business’s future. But we don’t treat business writing as some dry, academic exercise.

“Entrepreneurs may not feel like they have fully thought through every aspect of the business or they might fumble when asked specific questions,” explains Stormy. “Working with a professional business plan writer provides peace of mind when it comes to these things.”

We’ve shared dozens of stories of business owners and entrepreneurs that we have helped bring their visions to life. Each year, we work with hundreds more business owners to develop plans so they can start or grow their enterprises. But behind the scenes, our dedicated team of experienced business plan writers works hard every day to bring your business vision to life.

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3. Fresh perspective reveals and reinforces your business’s purpose for investors, partners, and yourself

One of the biggest challenges owners face is stepping back from day-to-day operations and looking at their business from a 10,000-foot view. It’s really hard! However, it also gives you the chance to examine crucial questions, such as:

  • Are you still on track to reach your goals? 
  • Is your mission still front and center?
  • Is your business healthy?

Being focused on each day’s plans and challenges is crucial to profit and success. Your business plan gives you a chance—heck, it gives you permission and a reason—to dream big again.

When you entrust our writers with your vision, they work on the details that become your business plan. As they collaborate with you, their fresh perspective and expertise fleshes out your plan and back up your vision with data. That frees up your time to focus on where you are in the business.

“We are excellent at translating your vision into something that is going to appeal to busy decision-makers,” says Stormy. “We understand the language bankers and investors speak. Plus, we can spot problems and bring important aspects of your business plan to light before your important meetings.”

4. Your concept becomes a plan that’s ready to get to work

At the same time, our team understands how busy you are. You don’t want to hold your writer’s hand. You want and need to work on your own big (and constantly growing) list.

Part of our team’s expertise lies in getting initial information from you, then running with it. Once we understand your overall concept, we bring that to life in a plan that’s ready to go to work.

“We use questionnaires and a sixty-minute call to gather the information we need to write the business plan,” explains LivePlan business writer David Campbell. “In many cases, the client has a rough concept that needs to be refined. Our process prompts them to think through aspects of their business model that they may not have considered.”

David and Stormy see the team’s goal as gaining a thorough understanding of your vision, so they can refine it and articulate it. From there, our writers translate it into an approachable living document that is easy for anyone to understand.

“We do this through active listening and leveraging our experience and knowledge of business planning and funding,” adds David. “That allows us to create a plan tailored to your specific needs.”

5. Quickly update your plan when busy decision-makers tell you what they need to see

We once worked with a client whose plan needed to persuade a crucial decision-maker in the healthcare industry.

“We have one shot,” they told us.

Our team treats every business plan with the understanding that the stakes are high. While you work on your business, we work on the details, making sure your plan addresses key points before you submit your plan to a decision-maker. If you need guidance, we can point you in the right direction too.

“We will ask you many of the same questions that a lender may ask you. That gives you the opportunity to think it through and answer those questions in your plan,” says Stormy. “You show up to your pitch or presentation knowing your plan inside and out, and you are ready to answer any questions that arise.”

For our client who needed to make the right case to a decision-maker in the healthcare industry, our writers worked closely with them to make sure their plan covered every key point.

6. You get more value at a fair price

Other business plan writing services charge significantly more than we do. Often that’s because other services quote the cost based on the amount of money you are asking for.

“We don’t think that is a fair way to approach fees for this type of service,” says Stormy. “It is the same amount of work for us regardless of the amount of money you are seeking, so we charge a flat rate.”

Part of how we can provide better value comes from how we also use our business planning app, LivePlan, to develop your business plan. LivePlan makes the entire business planning process more efficient. We can pass those efficiencies on to you as savings on your plan costs.

7. It’s easy to keep updating your strategy: Your business plan includes a FREE year of LivePlan

Other services might send your plan as a PDF that you can’t edit. If you need to change or update something, they’ll do it—for a fee. And when they can get to it. 

That lack of a quick update may cause you to miss potential investor deadlines, delay starting your business, and long-term, it can make your business plan useless. Even after you have invested significantly in its creation. That’s not what you get when working with a LivePlan Plan Writer.

When our team has your business plan ready, we deliver it pre-loaded into your own LivePlan account. In fact, you get a free year of access to our flagship LivePlan app with our business plan writing service (a $240 value).

This allows you to maintain full control and ownership of your data after your initial plan is complete. After all, a business plan is not a “one-and-done” document. It’s a living tool that evolves as your business grows, as you pursue your strategies, and as you identify new challenges or opportunities. And if a bank or investor asks to see different numbers, you can quickly make changes and have an updated plan in their hands that same day.

Your access to LivePlan gives you the ability to update your business based on real data and performance. You not only get the business plan. Through LivePlan, you gain the ability to use your plan as a living document and strategic business management tool.

And don’t worry, we won’t just drop you into LivePlan and tell you to have a nice day. As part of completing our business plan program, we also train you to use LivePlan on an ongoing basis. Plus, LivePlan’s in-app help and resources are there for your day-to-day questions and needs.

Your business plan writer brings your plan to life, so you can focus on bringing your business to life

Our business plan writers can see both the big vision and the little details of your business. What’s more, we make it accessible for you and for potential stakeholders you approach.

When you really get down to it, we care about business planning as a process that sets you up for success. As business plan writers, our team is your big vision partner. We take care of the plan, so you can focus on bringing your business to life.

“You can rely on our experience and expertise,” says David, “to ensure that you will receive a fully fleshed-out and professional plan.”

Your business plan should live up to your vision. Schedule a chat with one of our LivePlan writers today.

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