One Small Town’s Entrepreneurial Turnaround, Powered by LivePlan [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Coos Bay-North Bend, Oregon, used to be called the “Lumber Capital of the World”. But as the timber industry declined, so did the local economy. Facing double-digit unemployment, entrepreneurial citizens took matters into their own hands and turned their town around by opening 436 new businesses in the last two years.

Many of those entrepreneurs turned to their local Small Business Development Center for help writing their business plans, where they were referred to LivePlan to plan and track their businesses’ progress. Nearly 80 percent of the SBDC’s clients in Coos Bay-North Bend are using LivePlan to manage their new businesses.

To tell this small town’s incredible story, we’ve made an infographic that illustrates how small businesses are revitalizing the Coos Bay-North Bend economy:

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Bailey Koharchick
Bailey Koharchick
I believe three key components power the world: Creativity, dedication, and adaptation. I like to write, climb rocks, and think. In that order.
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