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For those facing down the COVID-19 problems facing your business here are a few of our favorite articles on productivity, COVID-19 strategy, workforce management, and healthy habits, from this last week.

The effects of coronavirus, both health-wise and economically, has been the sole topic of conversation as of late. It’s somewhat hard to avoid when the epidemic actively impacts every facet of our lives. Social distancing, transitioning to remote work and digging through the impact of the CARES Act, cover just a few key things from the last week alone.

But instead of becoming overwhelmed by the news and decisions, we’ve risen to the challenge. We’ve come together as a company, as a team, working to quickly overcome these difficult circumstances and collaborating to face the problem head-on. 

It’s all been with one goal in mind, to bring resources, tools, and assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs. To come together and not just survive, but thrive throughout this crisis.

Now, this is a unique event, with new challenges emerging on a weekly and even daily basis. Don’t let that scare you, instead, look for new opportunities to improve your business, your team, and your own productivity. 

To help kickstart that process, here are a few of our favorite articles on productivity, COVID-19 strategy, workforce management, and healthy habits, from this last week. 

We hope you are all staying safe out there and are finding effective ways to break through uncertainty.

Thanks for reading.


Kanban 101: Upgrade Your Team’s Productivity

Does your new remote work reality have you longing for organizational bliss? Well, you might consider giving the Kanban Method a try. This work visualization method may have originated in the auto industry, but the productivity and communication benefits are applicable anywhere. Even when you can’t meet face-to-face. Read more

Business strategy through the 4 phases of the coronavirus: 

How can we navigate through a crisis that comes with so much uncertainty? By parsing through the sea of unknowns and mapping out which uncertainty needs to be handled first of course. Read more.

CEOs, Cash and COVID: What Every Company Must Do ASAP: 

Companies both large and small are asking the same question, what do I need to do right now? First thing is to focus on taking care of your customers and employees, and the second is to dig deep into your cash flow. It’s the life-blood of your business and actively forecasting helps you nail down five things to keep your business on track, even in a crisis. Read more

How to plan and manage layoffs: 

Even with the announcement of Paycheck Protection Loans, the potential for layoffs is an unfortunate reality for businesses and employees everywhere. While the process may be painful for both parties, there are things you can consider ahead of time to lessen the impact and effectively communicate. Read more.

These Strategies Will Help You Prioritize Healthy Eating When Working From Home: 

At Palo Alto Software, we believe in promoting healthy lifestyle options for our employees. Unfortunately, that mindset can fade into the background when adjusting to working from home. It may be worth trying out a few different strategies to help you build healthy eating habits and invigorate your current routine. Read more.

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