This Week in Small Business: From Accidental Spam to Smart Growth

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From marketing gone awry to discounting pitfalls, it’s easy to make mistakes while running a small business. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place—we’ve got plenty of useful advice, from strategy-building tips, growing your business smarter, and whether or not an MBA is worth the time and money.

1. Should Entrepreneurs Attend Business School?

While plenty of entrepreneurs think that you should skip business school and just dive right in and start your business, our guest author Ashrit Kamireddi makes a good case for keeping business school a priority. From essential classes to invaluable networking opportunities, if you’re considering an MBA, you’ll want to check this article out.

2. How to Keep Discounts from Killing Your Business [Part 2]

Offering discounts and holding sales is a great way to bring in new customers and increase revenue, but are you setting your business up for trouble down the road? There are several legal areas you’ll want to consider before holding a sale, and we’ve broken them down for you in this two-part series.

3. Are You Marketing, or Spamming?

It can be hard to tell from inside your business if your well-intentioned marketing efforts are coming off as spam. After all, it can be a fine line between remaining present in your customers’ minds, and being too overbearing. Are your marketing efforts turning into spam?

4. 3 Questions to Help Build Your Business Strategy

It’s hard to set a strategy if you have key questions about your business unanswered; for instance, have you defined your tangible value as a company? If not, your strategy should involve doing a little homework, and asking yourself these three important questions.

5. Cash Flow 101: Growing Your Business

In the final installment in our cash flow series, we’ll discuss how to grow your business smarter. After all, you’ve solved your cash flow crisis—the last thing you want to do is find yourself in another one! Here’s how to grow your business effectively, and without further cash flow issues arising.

Have you been guilty of spammy marketing tactics? Do you know how to protect your business when having a sale? Share your experiences in the comments. 

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Briana Morgaine
Briana Morgaine
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